Meaning of Abkhazian in English:


Pronunciation /abˈkɑːzɪən/


  • Relating to or characteristic of the autonomous north-western Georgian territory Abkhazia, or its people or language.

    ‘the leader of the Abkhazian government’
    • ‘An Abkhazian saying goes, "Without rest, a man cannot work; without work, the rest is not beneficial."’
    • ‘Song, music, and dance are important parts of Abkhazian culture.’
    • ‘Traditionally, an Abkhazian kitchen was a separate structure.’
    • ‘In April the American ambassador visited the Abkhazian capital of Sukhumi.’
    • ‘According to the ancient Abkhazian religion, the supreme god is Antzva (the plural form of the word for "mother").’


  • 1mass noun The language of the autonomous north-western Georgian territory Abkhazia.

    ‘he didn't expect the traveller to speak Abkhazian’
    • ‘Abkhazian is, along with Georgian, the state language in Abkhazia.’
    • ‘The principal minority languages are Abkhazian, Armenian, Azeri, Ossetian, and Russian.’
    • ‘By then the website had begun to spawn foreign-language editions, of which there are now 185, from Abkhazian to Klingon to Zulu, with the German edition the largest after English.’
    • ‘Abkhazian belongs to the northwest Caucasian family of languages spoken by the Abazins, Adyghey, Kabardians, and Circassians.’
    • ‘Abkhazian was developed into a literary language, first using the Cyrillic alphabet, in the mid-nineteenth century.’
  • 2A native or inhabitant of the autonomous north-western Georgian territory Abkhazia.

    ‘the total number of Abkhazians all over the world reached 95,000 in 1983’
    • ‘In the 1989 Soviet census, there were already fewer than 100,000 Abkhazians.’
    • ‘According to legend, when God was distributing land to all the peoples of the earth, the Abkhazians were entertaining guests.’
    • ‘Among the oldest crafts of the Abkhazians are basket weaving, pottery, woodworking and metalworking.’
    • ‘Until the Soviet era began in the 1920s, Abkhazians did not celebrate their birthdays or keep track of their chronological age.’
    • ‘Most Abkhazians still live in rural areas.’