Meaning of able-bodied seaman in English:

able-bodied seaman


(also able-bodied rating)
  • A seaman or naval rating able to perform all duties.

    ‘He is wearing the navy-blue sailor's uniform jersey that he had been given upon his promotion from ordinary seaman to able-bodied seaman on board the cruise ship Philadelphia in 1911.’
    • ‘His dad, Tom, now in his eighties, started off in the Navy as an able-bodied seaman, but worked his way up to become a first officer in the Admiralty.’
    • ‘In 1808-1811, the British navy, desperate for able-bodied seamen, impressed more than six thousand Americans.’
    • ‘A team of two ‘abies' (able-bodied seamen) were the artists.’
    • ‘Traditionally, the U.S. Navy relied on an apprentice system of shipboard training to produce able-bodied seamen.’
    • ‘With her she was taking 50 able-bodied seamen and 20 some foot soldiers.’
    • ‘Actually, it requires more craftsmanship to qualify as an able-bodied seaman than as a journeyman reporter.’
    • ‘‘Basically we became like family,’ says John, who was an able-bodied seaman of 18 when his ship went down at Cove.’
    • ‘Follow the Fleet was the first film to attempt to make a ‘regular guy’ out of Fred Astaire, portraying him as an able-bodied seaman rather than a male ingenue.’
    • ‘There is also a medal for Robertson, an able-bodied seaman who was lost aboard the Clonlara, sunk by a U-boat en route to Lisbon in August 1941.’