Meaning of abloom in English:


Pronunciation /əˈbluːm/

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  • Covered in flowers.

    ‘in the springtime the cliff top is abloom, first with serviceberry, then dogwood’
    • ‘Journey on where flowers stay abloom until each lover has cast his kisses on longing lips-parted like hills with deep valleys.’
    • ‘The forest was warm as summer and abloom with an abundance of colorful flowers.’
    • ‘It's already October, but the Gardens of Remembrance are still abloom with a mix of interesting shapes and textures, and more people are coming to see and enjoy the park.’
    • ‘Albeit dusty in appearance, the movie is abloom with the fresh influence of imported pop (the downside of which is Jia's subject).’
    • ‘They were expected to stay abloom for about ten days.’
    • ‘There are all sorts of peonies and violets abloom at Five Corners.’
    • ‘The great wood shimmering, mettlesome, fresh; the high greenwood in multiple motion; the wood and my wits white with excitement, the wood abloom with continual regeneration.’
    • ‘Elizabeth showed Aaron her lilac bushes, which she'd planted herself and nursed until they were hearty and all abloom.’
    • ‘For those who like the darkest of red roses, Raven is always abloom with small, velvety red roses that grow in large clusters.’
    • ‘In Billy and the Bather, for instance, she sets a young couple next to a lone tree abloom on a muted, pastel plain.’
    • ‘As we jounced by roadsides abloom with red hibiscus, through half-lidded eyes I soaked up exotic scenery.’
    • ‘Estelle was led to a quiet room overlooking the expansive green countryside all abloom with spring color and new life.’
    • ‘The desert is abloom with wild flowers.’