Meaning of Abney level in English:

Abney level

Pronunciation /ˈabni/


  • A kind of clinometer consisting of a sighting tube, spirit level, and graduated scale.

    ‘The equipment used for monitoring includes Abney levels, ranging roles, tape measure and datasheets.’
    • ‘Participants will get hands on experience working with laser levels, hand levels, Abney levels and Clinometers.’
    • ‘The equipment used consists of hand held Abney levels, tape measures and ranging poles.’
    • ‘If you don't want to buy an Abney level and you wish to be accurate, you can use a homemade Boudreaux Level you can make from an art protractor from Wall-mart.’
    • ‘They will also learn how to use an Abney level to measure tree height.’


Late 19th century named after Sir William Abney (1844–1920), English scientist.