Meaning of aborally in English:




See aboral

‘Alignment of individual elements shows that plates proximal to the stem attachment have c axes inclined aborally, but more distal plates have more adorai inclinations.’
  • ‘In contrast, the ‘primary circlet’ of centrodorsal and primary interradials form more aborally, close to, or embedded in the non-rudiment part of the body wall.’
  • ‘Plates in equatorial positions on the theca are perpendicular to plate surfaces whereas plates near the stem attachment are inclined aborally and plates near the oral surface are inclined adorally.’
  • ‘It also differs by having fewer and smaller primary tubercles aborally, especially in the anterior interambulacra, and more widely diverging anterior petals.’
  • ‘The elongate lepidocentrids typically are preserved on their sides with the small spines pointing radially, with nearly as many aborally compressed.’