Meaning of Aboriginal site in English:

Aboriginal site


  • 1A place of special cultural significance to a particular Aboriginal group.

    ‘there are a number of sacred Aboriginal sites that need protection’
    • ‘The recognition and preservation of significant Aboriginal sites was also vital in helping to reconstitute a sense of place.’
    • ‘As well as undertaking archaeological research on Aboriginal sites, we were involved in implementing legislation designed to protect Aboriginal heritage.’
    • ‘There has been poor representation of Aboriginal sites on National and Territory heritage registers.’
    • ‘He was an early advocate of the conservation of Aboriginal sites.’
    • ‘The terms and conditions provide for protection of Aboriginal sites.’
    • ‘We had the privilege of visiting aboriginal sites and learning about the wonderfully rich Warumungu culture.’
    • ‘He works in consultation with the Junbung Elders to identify, protect and preserve Aboriginal sites and places of cultural significance.’
    • ‘The Council has stepped in to prompt discussions between Aboriginal elders and parties interested in developing tourism at two significant Aboriginal sites.’
    • ‘Residents declined to recognise registered Aboriginal sites in the region at the same time as they memorialised the place of a remembered massacre.’
    • ‘There are a number of sacred Aboriginal sites that need protection from 'developments'.’
  • 2A place which shows evidence of Aboriginal occupation.

    • ‘archaeological research on Aboriginal sites’