Meaning of abounding in English:


Pronunciation /əˈbaʊndɪŋ/

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  • Very plentiful; abundant.

    ‘his abounding creative talent’
    • ‘Your eyes help to keep you on course, and provide a glimpse of the world's abounding beauty; so treat them to a little kindness.’
    • ‘Now, here is a lady whose charms are abounding and abiding.’
    • ‘The film's abounding action sequences are banging, but they're not enough to overlook its plot holes and confusing story.’
    • ‘His better points were an abounding energy, enthusiasm, enjoyment of food and fun, and an inquiring if totally undisciplined mind.’
    • ‘Deenside Players are one of the most progressive groups in the area and continue to nurture the abounding array of talent in the town and environs.’
    • ‘He brought to the project not only an abounding energy, but a sense of innovation as a filmmaker.’
    • ‘There is abounding evidence that the profitability and growth of independent and SME software developers has often been to a significant extent dependent on the possession of patent rights.’
    • ‘She was appreciated by her commanding officers not only for her unparalleled capacity for hard work and her sense of duty, but for her abounding vitality, intelligence, and clear-headedness.’
    • ‘Gilman was a man of extraordinary taste with an abounding passion for dance.’
    • ‘Philips's abounding energies were most keenly consumed in exploiting the vast commercial opportunities of the 1790s.’