Meaning of about time in English:

about time

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  • Used to convey that something now happening or about to happen should have happened earlier.

    ‘it's about time I came clean and admitted it’
    • ‘It is about time we woke up and took note of what is happening in our world.’
    • ‘It's about time we sorted a sensible compromise and not a draconian law.’
    • ‘Isn't it about time that they put some thought into the long-term future of the games?’
    • ‘What's new is that the Leader of the Opposition is saying them and about time too.’
    • ‘It's about time that Labour and the Conservatives got their act together if they want our support in June.’
    • ‘It is about time something was done for the kids on the Preston estate.’
    • ‘So it's about time the issue of electoral reform was back on the agenda.’
    • ‘Some people would say it's about time the mortgage industry was regulated.’
    • ‘Is it not about time horses were taxed for using, and damaging, the roads?’
    • ‘It's about time the general public started to redevelop a sense of taste.’