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  • (in printed text) denoting a person or thing previously mentioned.

    ‘the above-mentioned changes did not take place overnight’
    • ‘Clearly, readers need to be aware of shortcomings arising from tradeoffs among the above-mentioned factors.’
    • ‘By the early 1990s, the above-mentioned "structural" changes were building up to a very strong pressure toward a full-blown financial liberalization.’
    • ‘The above-mentioned changes, of course, did not take place overnight.’
    • ‘Research therefore reveals that SMEs account for a significant share of output in the above-mentioned countries.’
    • ‘This two CD set of Franck's complete organ works contains all of the above-mentioned pieces.’
    • ‘While all of the above-mentioned strategies take into account expectations for future market returns, not all of the strategies account for investment risk tolerance.’
    • ‘The above-mentioned techniques have many advantages.’
    • ‘The above-mentioned techniques are offered as ways to assist individuals with dealing with performance anxiety.’
    • ‘Another example is the above-mentioned super computer, which can complete any number of amazing tasks.’
    • ‘The above-mentioned books by Lorenz and Gibson and Donovan offer fuller accounts of this period.’
    • ‘Quite predictably, all the above-mentioned directors chose to make their next films in English for this wider international market.’
    • ‘Besides the above-mentioned roles, I also had the pleasure to see her shine in two other seldom performed roles in the Ruzimatov gala in St. Petersburg.’
    • ‘However, not only does empirical evidence speak sharply against this claim: the above-mentioned small countries are all wealthier than their surroundings.’
    • ‘Here the sellers confront the above-mentioned problem.’
    • ‘In the past, the ministry had 3 patrol vessels, one fixed-wing plane and a helicopter to perform the above-mentioned functions.’
    • ‘This trend appears to be equally true for the entire Northeast, embracing the above-mentioned 10 states.’
    • ‘In addition to above-mentioned members of congress, two other recent Polish Americans have made their names in Washington.’
    • ‘The Commission found that the above-mentioned declarations showed that the parties has come to an agreement regarding the terms of a settlement.’
    • ‘These results are consistent with sample findings in relation to the above-mentioned pet food material.’
    • ‘The material is supplied solely for the above-mentioned recording.’
    foregoing, previous, prior, former, precursory, earlier, above, above-mentioned, aforementioned, above-stated, above-named, antecedent