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  • (in printed text) denoting a person or thing previously mentioned.

    ‘any of the above-named books will give the interested reader much more information’
    • ‘All of the above-named county officers appear to have been elected without opposition.’
    • ‘You have noted that each of the above-named professionals keeps his gun on at all times.’
    • ‘Any of the above-named books will give the interested reader much more information about ancient gods along this same line.’
    • ‘The above-named samples were measured at the SLOWPOKE reactor lab at the University of Toronto over the period from 1979 to 1983.’
    • ‘The above-named person was formerly employed as an E Grade Staff Nurse.’
    • ‘While I was there, I got to chat with a top Hollywood agent who represents some of the above-named stars.’
    • ‘This took the form of short-selling in the stocks of major companies in the above-named sectors, as well as firms with offices in the World Trade Center.’
    • ‘The precise names of the first two of the above-named companies vary between the defence of the fifth defendant and the evidence.’
    • ‘From the time of Charlemagne the above-named German tribes lived under Frankish constitution retaining their own old laws, which Charlemagne codified.’
    • ‘Each of the above-named, wildly disparate authors has written at least one readable "nonfiction" book published in the last 10 years.’
    • ‘Those who do not qualify for one of the above-named Awards may be entitled to wear the NODA Commendation Award.’
    • ‘Let's now turn our attention to the five major trends in aikido that are based on the teachings of the above-named instructors.’
    • ‘For these reasons I have concluded that you are not vulnerable within Section 189 of the above-named legislation.’
    • ‘The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) undertakes periodic surveys of consumer expenditures and provides additional detail in each of the above-named categories.’
    • ‘Michigan and Wisconsin have the largest population of Belgian Americans, with the above-named Wisconsin counties having the largest rural settlement in the United States.’
    • ‘These two board members will be appointed annually no later than October 1 by the above-named colleges.’
    foregoing, previous, prior, former, precursory, earlier, above, above-mentioned, aforementioned, above-stated, above-named, antecedent