Meaning of above the bit in English:

above the bit


  • (of a horse) carrying its head too high so that it evades correct contact with the bit.

    ‘He's above the bit, and your legs are a hair too far forward.’
    • ‘The horse went above the bit means an absence of contact with the rider's hands, legs, and seat, also leading to loss of impulsion.’
    • ‘Further in front of that point the horse will be above the bit, and the action of the reins will not be able to go through because of stiffness.’
    • ‘This results in jerky movements, problems with rhythm, being behind or above the bit, general dissatisfaction or resistance.’
    • ‘This is a harder evasion to correct than going above the bit.’
    • ‘Their horses often wind up above the bit; become pullers; develop a ewe-neck; a stiff, tight back; travel heavy on the forehand or any combination.’