Meaning of above the fold in English:

above the fold


  • 1Printed in the top half of the front page of a broadsheet newspaper and so visible when the paper is folded.

    ‘they're holding four column inches above the fold’
    • ‘What reporters really want is their byline on the front page above the fold.’
    • ‘It ran on Page One of the Star-Tribune, above the fold.’
    • ‘But, the former is above the fold on the front page of the NY Times.’
    • ‘We also know that newspaper stories that start above the fold are more important than stories that start below the fold.’
    • ‘But "The Washington Post" or "The New York Times" is not going to run a silly frivolous story above the fold.’
    • ‘Then fight to get your story on the front page, above the fold, with the big headline and a photo.’
    • ‘The normally reserved New York Times published a daily transcript of the trial and kept the story on page one, above the fold, for months on end.’
    • ‘That piece was neatly tucked away on page 2C, below the fold.’
    • ‘The Los Angeles Times ran the story on the 25th (front page below the fold) and used three microphotographs from the Science article.’
    • ‘It's on the front page, but it's below the fold; the article is fairly short; the tone suggests this is all just another presidential photo op.’
  • 2Positioned in the upper half of a web page and so visible without scrolling down the page.

    ‘the sign-up feature should be in a consistent location throughout the site—preferably above the fold’
    • ‘Your product should be displayed above the fold of your web page.’
    • ‘Place enough content above the fold to allow your visitor to make a decision about continuing on the site.’
    • ‘So what information you put above the fold is crucial.’
    • ‘Placement of the subscription box should be preferably above the fold or in a pop-up.’
    • ‘Because these were screen captures, only information "above the fold" (or scroll) was visible.’
    • ‘The three-column format of the home page brings more of the content "above the fold" and provides areas for images, section navigation, and news and event information.’
    • ‘While arguments about getting more links, content, and important elements "above the fold" are common, more sites are taking advantage of the entire Web page, adding useful elements to the bottom of the page.’
    • ‘Place conversion exits above the fold and at every scroll-and-a-half of screen space.’
    • ‘The rest of this post is below the fold.’
    • ‘But there is a lot of detailed argument, which I will stick below the fold.’