Meaning of above the line in English:

above the line


  • 1Finance
    Denoting or relating to money spent on items of current expenditure.

    ‘£75 million charges taken above the line for redundancies and property write-offs’
    • ‘The £67 million would be split 50: 50 above the line and below the line.’
    • ‘Any credits that appear within earnings, reflecting amortization of a reduction in the liability estimates, would be above the line, potentially aiding executive pay along with the stock price.’
    • ‘Figure that the gross point players have got to be in for 10 to 20 percent this time around and that above the line cash costs have to be around $30 million.’
    • ‘But they are paying substantial service costs because those costs are above the line.’
    • ‘Budgets are also compared to costs, both above the line and internal.’
  • 2Marketing
    Denoting or relating to advertising in the mass media.

    ‘with no above-the-line advertising spend, every spare dollar available for marketing is directed towards point-of-sale promotions’
    • ‘The company is to unveil the above-the-line component of a new music-based campaign during Saturday's AFL grand final.’
    • ‘Marketing is changing: the customer experience no longer recognizes offline, online, above the line or below.’
    • ‘The company plans a substantial "above-the-line" campaign, which means any marketing support beyond what the carrier plans to provide.’
    • ‘He emphasised to them that he is focused on conversion from marketing, whether social media or above the line, into hard core bookings.’
    • ‘They are making some core investments in above-the-line marketing initiatives, including commissioning TV ads, set to air nationwide throughout 2013.’
  • 3Bridge
    Denoting bonus points and penalty points, which do not count towards the game.

    • ‘The player who makes seven or more tricks scores as though they had played a contract of 1NT, and gets an additional premium of 100 above the line.’