Meaning of abrogation in English:


Pronunciation /abrəˈɡeɪʃ(ə)n/

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mass noun formal
  • The repeal or abolition of a law, right, or agreement.

    ‘The courts accept that abrogation of these privileges can only be made by statute but nonetheless there is considerable scope for judicial definition of limits.’
    • ‘It would depend on the detailed operation of the law and it is most unlikely that a blanket abrogation of legal professional privilege would survive.’
    • ‘The administration's arguments justifying the wholesale abrogation of civil liberties are by no means limited to an emergency response to an immediate threat.’
    • ‘It had tightened its grip on power through unconstitutional legislation, abrogation of the rule of law, and crude violence.’
    • ‘In a matter so sensitive, to deny the court the capacity to take into account all the circumstances of a case, is a basic denial of justice and an abrogation of our International Treaty obligations.’
    repudiation, revocation, repeal, rescinding, rescindment, overturning, overruling, overriding, annulment, cancellation, invalidation, nullification, voiding, negation, dissolution, countermanding, vetoing, discontinuation, reversal, retraction, removal, withdrawal, abolition, suspension, ending, stopping, quashing, scrapping
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