Meaning of abrogator in English:




See abrogate

‘The company's core technologies include drugs that target the G2 checkpoint and a screening system to find selective abrogators of the G2 checkpoint.’
  • ‘You can read all about the abrogators and the abrogated in this article.’
  • ‘It illustrates the potential of G 2 checkpoint abrogators to preferentially sensitize p53-mutated, treatment resistant tumor cells for genotoxic treatment.’
  • ‘The effective stimulation of the G2 / M transition by G2 block abrogators and continued processing of DNA by endoreplication and delayed movement from S to G2 may be a condition which compromises cells for subsequent damage.’
  • ‘Interactions between the checkpoint abrogator UCN - 01 and several pharmacological inhibitors of the mitogen-activated protein kinase kinase / MAPK pathway have been examined in a variety of human leukemia cell lines.’