Meaning of absconder in English:


Pronunciation /əbˈskɒndə/

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‘Indeed, it seems that an attempt to arrest the real absconder on the basis of this warrant would have been unlawful, since he was not the person named in it.’
  • ‘The man who had ruled his country with a brutal and inflexible religious law was now ‘an absconder, a fugitive from justice’ he said.’
  • ‘Our goal is to stabilize the ratio of people who are now becoming absconders or fugitives and the number of people we're removing from the country.’
  • ‘They must get a signed warrant from a judge before sending law-enforcement officers after the absconder.’
  • ‘A police officer said: ‘He was a known absconder, so people are worried that if they come forward they might be in trouble for helping or harbouring him, but we just want to solve this tragic mystery.’’