Meaning of absentee ballot in English:

absentee ballot


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  • A ballot completed and typically mailed in advance of an election by a voter who is unable to be present at the polls; a postal vote.

    ‘Many of these voters had voted an absentee ballot and wanted to know what would happen to their ballot.’
    • ‘We must arrange to vote by absentee ballot in the general election, so that we can go to the swing states and work to get out the vote on election day.’
    • ‘In all, more than 1,400 El Segundo voters applied for an absentee ballot, and almost 1,300 of those ballots were actually voted.’
    • ‘There has been a great deal of suspicion about this election, especially because irregularities in the absentee ballot and voter registration processes came to light prior to the election.’
    • ‘Those members who cannot attend the Convention are urged to exercise their right to vote by casting an absentee ballot.’
    • ‘Some question as to whether can you get your absentee ballot, vote on it and get it back in time for the election.’
    • ‘But the effectiveness of this strategy depends, in part, upon whether a campaign can effectively predict who will cast an absentee ballot and which voters will do so early on.’
    • ‘The switch last fall from the punch-card ballots to the optical scanner machines allows a voter to complete an absentee ballot and feed it into the machine immediately.’
    • ‘In a few states, such voters can get an absentee ballot, but that takes foresight and planning that most of us lack.’
    • ‘Additionally, if the voter voted in person, the absentee ballot will be considered spoiled and the ‘in person’ vote will count.’
    • ‘You have to remember that we have an official who sent these voters their absentee ballot forms, they filled them out, they voted them properly, they were counted properly.’
    • ‘State law requires local boards of elections to conduct absentee ballot voting at nursing homes.’
    • ‘Make sure your vote counts, order your absentee ballot today.’
    • ‘In California, where vote-by-mail has been in place for two decades, 38 percent of the voters who voted by mail in 2000 had not cast an absentee ballot in the last four years.’
    • ‘My mother was not allowed to vote today because someone had already submitted an absentee ballot in her name.’
    • ‘This is the election to get them registered and make sure they vote, whether by sending them the link for an absentee ballot or offering to pick them up and take them to the polls on election day.’
    • ‘Often the voter is registered to vote at his/her polling place and has also requested an absentee ballot.’
    • ‘It's also worth noting that even if people don't apply for an absentee ballot, in many states you can vote early, which is what I plan to do.’
    • ‘Your absentee ballot will ensure that your vote can be verified.’
    • ‘It was so recent that he wasn't able to request an absentee ballot but he was, nonetheless, determined to vote that day.’