Meaning of abso-bloody-lutely in English:


Pronunciation /ˌabsəblʌdɪˈluːtli/


informal British
  • emphatic or humorous form of absolutely

    • ‘I feel abso-bloody-lutely dreadful’
    • ‘‘We should celebrate,’ Otter said. ‘Abso-bloody-lutely,’ Matt agreed.’
    • ‘That was abso-bloody-lutely stupid.’
    • ‘The songs were abso-BLOODY-lutely terrible.’
    • ‘Shelias are washing their jocks and boulder holders every day. Abso-bloody-lutely a bloody waste.’
    • ‘"Abso-bloody-lutely," she says with relish in her voice.’
    • ‘The day was abso-bloody-lutely perfect.’
    • ‘The strain of trying is abso-bloody-lutely knackering.’
    • ‘He's abso-bloody-lutely brilliant!’
    • ‘But my abso-bloody-lutely favourite way of swearing is to use bastardised tmesis - the splitting up of a compound word into parts, and then slotting a rude word in the middle.’
    • ‘These are the bloody words that drive me abso-bloody-lutely bananas.’
    • ‘It was the most abso-bloody-lutely amazing film experience of the last five years.’