Meaning of absolute music in English:

absolute music



mass noun
  • Instrumental music not intended to represent or illustrate something else.

    Compare with programme music

    ‘Indeed, throughout her life Beach never wavered from her deep belief in absolute music as a force for moral redemption - however anachronistic this would come to appear in the more disturbed decades after the First World War.’
    • ‘As Chua advances into the nineteenth century, the paradoxes and ambiguities concerning the nature of absolute music pile up, to considerable dramatic effect.’
    • ‘Some musicologists might argue that the Inventions fall into a category of absolute music.’
    • ‘G.I. Gurdjieff conducted experiments in search of absolute music, sounds that would have a specific, predictable effect on the listener.’
    • ‘Very little of Mauricio Kagel's work is absolute music; there is almost invariably a programme of some kind lurking behind every note of it.’