Meaning of absolute title in English:

absolute title


mass nounLaw
  • The guarantee of title to the ownership of a property or lease.

    ‘In 1985 the Inuvialuit land settlement approved by government was described as ‘the first in Canada to include land ownership, both surface and subsurface, in fee simple absolute title, including the beds of water bodies.’’
    • ‘It is averred that in June 1988 BCCI had absolute title to the BCCI Notes and security by virtue of the Charge over the Manlon Notes and that the Third Party Notes were delivered to BCCI.’
    • ‘At one time the standard agreements provided that, although absolute title was to pass in relation to the stock lent, the collateral was transferred by way of security.’
    • ‘Thus no community ever had a right to grant to private parties absolute title to something created for the use and benefit of all - a concept dimly and imperfectly reflected in the principle of eminent domain.’
    • ‘The Court found that such a sale was not legal, precisely because, in the opinion of the Court, the U.S. held absolute title to Indian lands.’