Meaning of absorbed dose in English:

absorbed dose


  • The quantity of ionizing radiation absorbed by a body, measured (usually in grays) as the energy absorbed per unit mass.

    ‘The severity of symptoms depends on the absorbed dose of radiation by the exposed area of the body.’
    • ‘The dose equivalent in rems is numerically equal to the absorbed dose in rads multiplied by the quality factor, which, for most medical radiation, is one.’
    • ‘The corresponding absorbed dose from photons released in the BNC reaction is considered to be negligible as calculated by Monte Carlo code MCNP4C.’
    • ‘Manufacturers hope to better understand the distribution of the absorbed dose within products of heterogeneous density when the products are exposed to ionizing radiation in an industrial irradiator.’
    • ‘When this happens, your risk of thyroid cancer developing years later is slightly increased, in proportion to the absorbed dose of radioiodine.’