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Pronunciation /əbˈzɔːb(ə)nt/

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  • (of a material) able to soak up liquid easily.

    ‘absorbent kitchen paper’
    • ‘In the mid-1860s, he succeeded in mixing it with an inert absorbent material.’
    • ‘The first material is acrylate, a highly absorbent material that gels with exudate fluid and is capable of absorbing up to 300 times its own weight.’
    • ‘Green campaigners say home laundered cloth nappies save parents money and they are made mostly from natural fabrics while disposable nappies are made of paper pulp, absorbent chemicals and plastic.’
    • ‘This is the style of germination test best suited to the home garden, since all you need is a paper towel (or similarly absorbent paper product) and a zip-lock bag.’
    • ‘After doing several areas, dry off excess moisture with soft absorbent cloths or towels, which can be laundered and reused.’
    • ‘He took out the bacon from the skillet and placed it on three sheets of absorbent paper towel.’
    • ‘Lay an absorbent cloth soaked in hydrogen peroxide directly over the stain; put an ammonia-saturated cloth on top of this.’
    • ‘Firefighters wearing breathing apparatus and protective suits laid sheets of absorbent material on the slick to soak up the chemicals.’
    • ‘Clothing should be light-colored and lightweight and limited to one layer of absorbent material to facilitate evaporation of sweat.’
    • ‘Some furnishings are made of absorbent materials that make them ‘sinks’ for other pollutants.’
    • ‘Lining the jambs between the inner and outer window with a soft, absorbent material such as felt will result in even greater noise reduction.’
    • ‘Hensen says absorbent fibres successfully soaked up the bulk of the oil that covered the dam like a sheet last week.’
    • ‘Blot excess oils with an absorbent paper towel or terry cloth rags.’
    • ‘Layer very wet, sloppy materials (fruit wastes, etc.) with absorbent ingredients such as sawdust or shredded dry leaves.’
    • ‘The bottom of the cage was covered with absorbent paper; this paper was soaked with distilled water three times per week.’
    • ‘In a bag of platelets or plasma, the psoralens break down after a day, and an absorbent resin wafer in the bag removes the byproducts.’
    • ‘For successful printing, you need paint of the right consistency (not too thick, not too thin), absorbent paper and plenty of newspaper to cover your floors!’
    • ‘If necessary, wipe your lens with a dry, lint-free absorbent cloth.’
    • ‘Cloth diapers are made of an absorbent material, such as cotton.’
    • ‘Before laying your liner, compact the soil and cover it with a layer of sand or an absorbent material such as old carpeting or newspaper.’
    porous, spongy, sponge-like, permeable, pervious, absorptive, penetrable, assimilative, receptive, soaking, blotting
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  • A substance that soaks up liquid easily.

    ‘There was a bit of a leak from the tanker so we put absorbents down to soak up the spillage, of about half a litre, and put a barrier up around the vehicle.’
    • ‘The shola trees, which were natural absorbents, were a fount of natural water sources, says gourmet cheese-maker K. Balakrishnan, who has seen Kodai in its days of pristine beauty.’’
    • ‘Some articles, however, offer scientific sounding classifications of stain removers into absorbents, bleaches, detergents, solvents, soaps, and enzymes or classifications of stains into absorbed, built-up, or compound.’
    • ‘They ran sun-protection-factor tests to compare SoyScreen to four commercial UV absorbents: oxybenzone, dioxybenzone, octyl methoxycinnamate, and padimate-O.’
    • ‘To further combat dust, we don't use absorbents like Speedy Dry or kitty litter - only absorbent pads.’
    • ‘In addition, mine complexes should have sturdy, airtight, strategically placed rooms stocked with oxygen, food, water, and carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide absorbents, Grayson says.’
    • ‘A relative of okra and cotton that towers 12 to 15 feet, kenaf is grown primarily as a fiber source for low-grade paper, particleboard, and oil absorbents.’
    • ‘He showed me large drums for storing vacuumed debris to be used in combination with huge bags of different absorbents.’
    • ‘But now, we have the opportunity of utilizing an internal absorbent, not just for convenience during menstruation, but for having fun and making art.’
    • ‘The current larval diet is prepared from spray-dried bovine blood, milk substitute, spray-dried egg, and water mixed with a gelling agent that acts as an absorbent to solidify the diet.’
    • ‘Two poly-GaN UV sensors were set under a display window consisting of a thin methylmethacrylate plate without a UV absorbent.’
    • ‘When the absorbent gets full, the unit will indicate the fact, either by a color-change mechanism or a battery-operated light.’
    • ‘This drying technique involves the use of an absorbent which desiccates the rose by transferring the moisture from the petals to another medium.’
    • ‘I don't know the technical term, but it is kitty litter and acts as an absorbent for your skin's oils.’
    • ‘At the priority date, the commonest absorbent was what is referred to as cellulosic fluff or fluff pulp.’
    • ‘The absorbent article includes a liquid permeable cover, a liquid-impermeable baffle and an absorbent enclosed by the cover and the baffle to form a pad.’
    • ‘Licata is currently concentrating on feather fiber's unusually high potential as an absorbent of heavy metals.’
    • ‘The second is as an industrial absorbent of heavy metals in soil and water.’
    • ‘Kenaf, an annual herbaceous plant, indigenous to West Africa, apart from use in production of pulp and paper products, has proved very effective as an oil absorbent in cleaning oil spills.’
    • ‘Oxygen can be added to the atmosphere and carbon dioxide removed using a chemical absorbent.’


Early 18th century from Latin absorbent- ‘swallowing up’, from the verb absorbere (see absorb).