Meaning of absquatulation in English:


Pronunciation /əbskwɒtjʊˈleɪʃ(ə)n/


humorous mainly North American

See absquatulate

‘It went downhill after its deplorable absquatulation to North Kingstown, in 1964.’
  • ‘Bailey Beadle, senior partner of Beadle and Tatum, a South Florida private investigating firm specializing in cases of provoked absquatulation, was mulling over his morning mail.’
  • ‘When Gwenyth Paltrow perfected a flawless English accent to accompany her brilliant acting in Emma, eyes turned and casting began with absquatulation.’
  • ‘Fancypants, yes, but I'd have to slice them up and commence absquatulation!’
  • ‘I have so long been absent from the pages of the Maga. that if I do not make my appearance soon my readers will imagine a total absquatulation.’