Meaning of abstract expressionist in English:

abstract expressionist

noun & adjective

See abstract expressionism

‘For his inaugural show, Mokoena exhibited a series of abstract expressionist paintings by Roger Botembe, a well-known figure from Kinshasa in the Democratic Republic of Congo.’
  • ‘You had a kind of confidence, it sounds to me, that gave you the courage to begin to expand, to transfer some of the methods of the surrealist and abstract expressionist artists into the poetry.’
  • ‘The second work you see is a pair of paintings by the doomy abstract expressionist Barnett Newman, his rightly celebrated Adam and Eve, from 1950-52.’
  • ‘Fresh out of the Art Institute in Chicago in the late '50s, his work was primarily abstract expressionist.’
  • ‘Other important influences came from his friendship with the French artist, Jean Dubuffet, and the American abstract expressionist, Jackson Pollock.’