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Pronunciation /əbˈstraktɪd/

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  • Lacking concentration on what is happening around one.

    ‘she seemed abstracted and unaware of her surroundings’
    • ‘an abstracted smile’
    • ‘Yet when I discuss this with non-lawyer friends, many seem worried in an abstracted fashion, as though surveillance were an inconvenience on the order of a nosy and fussbudgety old neighbor.’
    • ‘Similarly, Alexander McCulloch is posed in a landscape as if to suggest the naturalness of his abstracted, dreamy state.’
    • ‘Where More is the most abstracted member of the group, Patensen is the most engaged, though his vacant stare has an abstracted quality of its own.’
    • ‘But we have seen that modern liberal philosophy has begun to emphasize that individuals should be viewed as members of society with mutual obligations rather than as abstracted and isolated individuals.’
    • ‘He gives the impression of an eccentric school master with, yes, a slightly abstracted air; a patrician whose sentences end with a heavy emphasis.’
    • ‘In the picture, no one is really smiling; Bob Geldof is showing some teeth, but his eyes are closed and he's sort of abstracted; there's a black guy I can't put a name to in the back who looks quite pleased, but that's it for smiles.’
    • ‘Everyone has the same drugged, internal, abstracted look: and why?’
    • ‘Solara seemed rather abstracted and unconcerned, but then, she always did.’
    • ‘In her abstracted mood Huston's Gretta attends only slightly to Gabriel's anecdote, and there is nothing equivalent to the erotic rebuff that Joyce presented as transitional to the last epiphany.’
    • ‘He began grooming the fur on his wrist in an abstracted sort of way.’
    • ‘Some of those who spoke made sense, she said, but there were others who seemed just as batty and abstracted as the most eccentric tweedy types of yesteryear, despite the Marxian lingo and the earrings.’
    • ‘Though pleasantly matey, he has the fatigued, abstracted air of someone who has been summarising his CV in dressing rooms for three decades.’
    absent-minded, distracted, preoccupied, absorbed, engrossed, far away, somewhere else, not there, not with us, in a world of one's own, with one's head in the clouds, daydreaming, dreamy, inattentive, thoughtful, pensive, lost in thought, deep in thought, immersed in thought, wool-gathering, in a brown study, musing, brooding, absent, distrait, heedless, oblivious
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