Meaning of abuela in English:


Pronunciation /aˈbweɪlə/

nounplural noun abuelas

  • (in Spanish-speaking areas) a person's grandmother.

    ‘Diego lives with his abuela and helps run the family restaurant’
    • ‘I have been eating my abuela's delicious Puerto Rican food for just about thirty years.’
    • ‘Practically, everything I have had here is something that my mom makes or my abuela used to make.’
    • ‘Both of our Abuelas taught us that anything less than an empty plate is just plain rude.’
    • ‘I felt as if I had walked into my abuela's kitchen!’
    • ‘Recently, I was told that my maternal grandmother's own abuela was Vietnamese.’
    • ‘Abuela was in the mood for wine - so she ordered some!’
    • ‘The tortilla was much more flavorful than many I have had here in the US, but a little dry, and of course, abuela still makes it best.’
    • ‘Be sure you can speak/understand Spanish, as abuela's English isn't that great.’
    • ‘Abuela spent hours with me in the kitchen and I learned the art of making empanadas, bizcocho, Tarta Santiago - essentially a whole array of baked goods.’
    • ‘Not even my Abuela made such good frijoles.’
    grandma, granny