Meaning of abuelo in English:


Pronunciation /aˈbweɪləʊ/

nounplural noun abuelos

  • (in Spanish-speaking areas) a person's grandfather.

    ‘breakfast tortillas topped with chili sauce, onion, and cheese—just the way my abuelo liked it’
    • ‘Thank you so much for honoring my abuelo.’
    • ‘Being of Mexican descent, I have an abuelo of my own.’
    • ‘It's an amazing little Cuban place where most the servers remind you of your abuela and most the cooks remind you of your abuelo.’
    • ‘If she does have an abuelo, imagine how surprised he would be to discover that his granddaughter is no longer Mexican.’
    • ‘I was fortunate enough to live with my Abuelo and Abuela for a while and get to know both sets of Grandparents.’
    • ‘I think it's awesome that they use 0-trans fat oil to cook - my abuelo would have certainly benefited from this.’
    • ‘When I was eight years old, Abuelo shared his love of the Dodgers with me at the same time I was trying to share my love of the Mets with him.’
    • ‘As the eldest of eleven grandchildren, he asks me to say grace. I know my abuelo will be proud when I recite the prayer I wrote.’
    grandad, grandpa, grandpop