Meaning of abulic in English:


Pronunciation /əˈb(j)uːlɪk/


(also aboulic)

See abulia

‘This produces Para paresis; with weakness more marked peripherally, urinary incontinence and aboulic and aphasic symptoms.’
  • ‘There are the unstable whose existence is passed in starting enterprises and never finishing them; there are the dreamers, the erratic and the aboulic with their plans that never materialize; there are those whose judgment is chronically false and who are invariably wrong in their estimates of men and events.’
  • ‘Zeno's and Emilio's aboulic personalities, their incapability of pursuing and sustaining an active participation in life, reflect Svevo's tragic sensibility of life as a disaster and his meditation on vulnerability and death, filtered through the looking glass of bitter-sweet irony mixed with ineffective wisdom.’
  • ‘Patients with large medial frontal lesions extending to the most anterior frontal pole sometimes become abulic (apathetic, inattentive, and markedly slow to respond).’