Meaning of abusively in English:


Pronunciation /əˈbjuːsɪvli/

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‘The pace is frenetic: women's heels click the sidewalks with conviction, mobile phones are spoken into earnestly, and cars honk their horns abusively.’
  • ‘Scilla begins by explaining that she wants to know how to be powerful in a way which enables her to respond effectively when she sees power being abused, and yet not use her own power abusively.’
  • ‘And many of them were treated horribly and abusively.’
  • ‘He doesn't seem to mind that to shout abusively at someone on a one-to-one basis, for no other reason than they disagree with what he's saying, is bad manners.’
  • ‘She says that while trying to give a statement to a female officer a male officer continually interrupted by entering the room, shouting abusively and verbally bullying her.’
  • ‘On a site discussing technical issues, the worst anybody can expect is strong disagreement - even if it is posed impolitely, or abusively.’
  • ‘What exactly is the etiquette of sitting next to someone on the train who is noisily and abusively breaking up with their boyfriend on a mobile phone?’
  • ‘I looked around the circle for support, but they all agreed, some abusively, that I should go.’
  • ‘It followed an incident when James's sister, Vicky, was upset when abusively insulted.’
  • ‘He then started to drag her across the road by her arm and her hair, while shouting abusively at her.’
  • ‘With regard to the former, I'm not convinced that everyone with access to potentially threatening information will refrain from using that information abusively, via blackmail, bigotry, red-lining and so forth.’
  • ‘Rather than considering whether a particular company is pricing abusively, the UK authorities have been able to examine whether prices in a given industry have been against ‘the public interest’.’
  • ‘Although students are not scolded for speaking Spanish or ridiculed abusively for using their bilingual resources, they tend to internalize the idea that speaking their native language is wrong.’
  • ‘In ‘Trudy,’ for example, a crowd of shoppers and passersby gathers to watch as an elderly white woman loudly and abusively accuses a black cashier of cheating her.’
  • ‘‘Research shows that couples who fight quite a bit are happier five years later, as long as they are not fighting abusively,’ says Biddulph.’
  • ‘Trina, a smart, beautiful and sweet teenage daughter becomes abusively profane and violent; she is both tortured and the torturer.’
  • ‘He continued shaking her abusively as he still yelled at her.’
  • ‘A husband shouts abusively at his wife after returning from work.’
  • ‘A strip search will always be unreasonable if it is carried out abusively or for the purpose of humiliating or punishing the arrestee.’