Meaning of abustle in English:


Pronunciation /əˈbʌsl/


  • Bustling; busy.

    ‘the pier was abustle with voyagers and well-wishers’
    • ‘Larry's River may be a smaller place than it once was, but on the Labour Day weekend it is all abustle.’
    • ‘The rink was abustle with activity, even on the small walkways running beside the rink.’
    • ‘The streets in ancient cities were like grids, on each side of which were shops abustle with people.’
    • ‘By day abustle with tourist buses, sightseers and shoppers, the village changes character as night falls.’
    • ‘The downtown area, previously quiet on weekends, is now abustle with activity as a result of the rail trail.’
    • ‘Further north, Darjeeling, at the beginning of summer, is usually all abustle with tourists.’
    • ‘The Pyongyang golf links is abustle with Pyongyangites, overseas Koreans and foreigners in this tourist season.’
    • ‘For nearly half the year, Durango becomes abustle with skiing and snowboarding enthusiasts, and for good reason.’
    • ‘Politics and business are abustle with sports metaphors and endorsements by athletes.’
    • ‘The mall woke early and was all abustle before the first leave party hit the decks.’
    • ‘Times Square is all abustle with petty crooks, lazy cops, and especially, gamblers.’
    • ‘Today jabalpur is an important administrative centre, abustle with commercial activity.’
    • ‘The place was abustle, both drive-thru and walk-in, but my hot dog with everything was still served lighting fast.’
    • ‘It's Christmas Eve, and people in the Washington area are abustle with their tinsel and toys, sugarplums and fruitcake, prayers and candlelit services.’
    • ‘Mathura Temple Tours - Mathura, Shri Krishna Janmbhoomi in India, is a city of temples and shrines abustle with the thousands of devotees who come to visit the city of Lord Krishna.’
    • ‘The Hayholt is abustle with activity at John's reemergence, and Simon manages to have himself named apprentice to Dr. Morgenes, the Hayholt's resident magician-of-sorts.’
    • ‘That's right, the Foundry is once again abustle with vim, vigor, energy, and several radioactive substances to be named later.’
    • ‘The community within the Fort is abustle with daily chores and work.’
    • ‘The streets along the K Street corridor, where the well-heeled lobbyists hang out, are abustle with people heading for their power lunches.’
    • ‘A lively city abustle with culture and commerce awaits you.’