Meaning of abutilon in English:


Pronunciation /əˈbjuːtɪlən/


  • A herbaceous plant or shrub of warm climates, typically bearing showy yellow, red, or mauve flowers and sometimes used for fibre.

    Genus Abutilon, family Malvaceae

    ‘The rest of the garden is filled with shade- and sun-loving subtropical and Mediterranean plants - abutilon, bougainvillea, datura, giant bird of paradise, and princess flower (Tibouchina).’
    • ‘Planted beneath it, and in the matching raised bed across the runnel, is a collection of bold and textural plants such as abutilon, acanthus, agapanthus, and Tasmanian tree fern.’
    • ‘Star jasmine trained in a diamond pattern against the wall, yellow clivia, and dwarf abutilon in hanging baskets add interest lower down.’
    • ‘The best choices include abutilon, agastache, alstroemeria, bee balm, cestrum, cleome, coral bells, fuchsia, honeysuckle, lion's tail, penstemon, red-flowered perennial lobelia, salvia, and zauschneria.’
    • ‘When A stands for abutilon, B for bougainvillea and C for clianthus, we must be in a conservatory where the temperature never falls below 45 degrees Fahrenheit.’
    • ‘Anyone watching television coverage of the Chelsea Flower Show this past week can't have failed to notice a splendid specimen of abutilon, an exotic small shrub also known as Flowering Maple, Parlour Maple and Indian Mallow.’
    • ‘Screens made from bamboo and birch branches as well as plantings (golden currant, white abutilon, and New Zealand flax) create privacy.’


Modern Latin, from Arabic ūbūṭīlūn ‘Indian mallow’.