Meaning of accelerative in English:


Pronunciation /əkˈsɛl(ə)rətɪv/


See accelerate

‘His approach appears to be playing them at double-speed and triple-volume, turning the sparse, relaxed soundscape of LP highlight Poor Leno into a throbbing, accelerative monster of a tune.’
  • ‘The more accelerative, lower-ratio gearbox comes as part of the Z51 performance pack, which also includes stiffer dampers and springs, larger anti-roll bars and larger, cross-drilled brake discs.’
  • ‘For the most part it veers wildly along that thick line between punk and speed metal, but the two covers of tracks by post-punk Boston band Mission Of Burma slot in seamlessly alongside Coxon's own accelerative output.’
  • ‘The tone is established early on; broad strokes of unbridled praise for friends, co-workers and pets, a breathless, accelerative pace and an embarrassment of exclamation marks.’
  • ‘The pullaway factor provided by the significant torque from the motor makes some accelerative exhilaration possible even in these speed-straitened times we drive in.’
  • ‘The result is a diesel Primera that's now as accelerative to 62 mph as its 2.0-litre petrol alternative, but is still just as fuel and tax efficient.’
  • ‘Another example of the accelerative impact of instant messaging, although I wonder about the technology being used.’
  • ‘Certainly, the difference between his real-life accelerative Liverpudlian bark and his on-screen Glasgow burr is a startling one.’
  • ‘These cost increases have been caused by instructions from your project manager, variations, scope swaps, continuing design changes and further accelerative measures.’
  • ‘The direction in which an accelerative force acts is described by the use of a three axis co-ordinate system (X, Y, and Z) in which the vertical axis is parallel to the long axis of the body.’
  • ‘I drive off, and warm instantly to the strong, even accelerative force; this is as smooth and muscular as the best four-cylinder turbodiesels apart from Honda's, and rather creamier than the Mondeo version.’
  • ‘Second, the behavioral and clinical data were all highly consistent with physiological data, thereby supporting our interpretation of accelerative recovery heart rate data as reflecting hostility or anger.’
  • ‘A energy absorbing structure is disclosed for the purpose of protecting human occupants of a vehicle from the damaging effects of sudden accelerative or decelerative forces by means of plastic deformation of the structure.’
  • ‘But you do not have to indulge the Jag's tremendous accelerative thrills all the time.’
  • ‘The navigational algorithm is accelerative, which means the longer the user depresses the forward button, the faster the user moves through the environment.’
  • ‘The MX - 5 delivers a satisfying accelerative surge, helped along by the short and tight shifter mounted high on the transmission tunnel.’
  • ‘There remains some accelerative ability, though, and cruising is quiet when our laughable legal motorway limit represents under 2, 000rpm.’
  • ‘The development and implementation of instructional practices capable of producing these accelerative effects needs to be studied.’
  • ‘The accelerative surge through the six gears is relentless; there has never been a non-turbocharged production 911 as rapid as this one.’
  • ‘A multi-phase electric motor that fits into a wheel hub and provides accelerative and regenerative power to a vehicle.’