Meaning of accelerator board in English:

accelerator board


(also accelerator card)
  • An accessory circuit board which can be plugged into a computer to increase the speed of its processor or input/output operations.

    ‘I did some digging on Google and found that MS Flight Sim 2000 requires at least a Pentium 166 MHz processor, 32 meg RAM for Windows 9x machines, and an optional 3D graphics accelerator card.’
    • ‘All a kid needs is some familiarity with computers and, in most cases, a PC equipped with at least a 4-megabyte, 3D graphics accelerator card, a feature found in many computers sold in the past year or so.’
    • ‘One of the essentials for PC gaming, the 3D accelerator card, was literally not known in most hardware outlets nearly two years ago.’
    • ‘We're currently developing towards a PIII - 500 with any hardware accelerator card that supports T&L.’
    • ‘Director 8.5 will not work with some older video cards and users should update their cards to a Direct3D compatible 3D accelerator card that supports Z-Buffering, Bilinear Filtering, and Alpha-Blending.’
    • ‘One item on Descent3 ‘s minimum equipment list is a 3 - D accelerator card.’
    • ‘Auran recommends a Pentium III - 650, 256 MB of RAM, 3D graphics accelerator card with at least 64 MB of video memory and a joystick, throttle and rudder to enjoy Strike Fighters: Project One.’
    • ‘Looking back through old computer magazines, there is a gradual increase in the number of graphic accelerator cards from 1995 onwards.’
    • ‘Some end user encryption options are now available, such as cryptographic software, appliances and accelerator cards from Decru, Kasten Chase, nCipher, NeoScale and others.’
    • ‘HWRoundup 3D Graphic accelerator cards steal the headlines this week, with both Tom's Hardware Guide and Cryoeniac running lengthy reports covering a wide range of cards.’
    • ‘The performance increases are achieved with AES (advanced encryption standard) accelerator cards.’
    • ‘New cryptographic accelerator boards from manufactures such as Broadcom, IBM, and nCipher provide the necessary infrastructure to rapidly and easily perform cryptographic primitive operations.’
    • ‘Hardware support for cryptographic accelerator cards and NICs with IPSec offload.’
    • ‘It's positioning towards the enterprise level is confirmed by support for hardware-based cryptographic accelerator cards from nCipher, AEP, Baltimore, and Broadcom.’
    • ‘ATI has certainly come a long way since mid-1990 when they were pushing their Rage line of 3D accelerator cards.’
    • ‘It looks like Tadpole is trying to develop accelerator cards for the TCP / IP stack and for encryption that are similar to what Alacritech makes today.’