Meaning of accelerometer in English:


Pronunciation /əkˌsɛləˈrɒmɪtə/

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  • An instrument for measuring the acceleration of a moving or vibrating body.

    ‘In addition, NASA's second redesigned tank has been outfitted with temperature sensors and accelerometers, used to measure vibration.’
    • ‘A monitoring system, including tension sensors, accelerometers, and deformation gauges, will be put in place for purposes of bridge maintenance.’
    • ‘The accelerometer is used to measure shocks and vibration caused by road roughness while the GPS unit records the truck position.’
    • ‘After vibration data is measured using the accelerometer and converted into digital format, they are then stored in a computer.’
    • ‘The IMU consists of two main sensor types: gyroscopes or ‘gyros’ to measure angular rates and accelerometers to measure velocity rates.’
    • ‘The researchers then attached motion recorders - small accelerometers measuring how often and vigorously a limb moves - to the dominant leg and arm of each child.’
    • ‘For more rigorous demonstration of the forces involved, Dial also used two accelerometers to measure the acceleration in the forward and vertical directions.’
    • ‘Additional accelerometers can measure the vehicle's linear accelerations and angular acceleration about the spin axis.’
    • ‘The physical activity tests were validated using electronic accelerometers to measure levels of activity minute by minute.’
    • ‘Accelerations were measured using accelerometers mounted rigidly to the vehicle and connected to a data logger.’
    • ‘They were instructed to wear the accelerometer during all waking hours, to carry out their usual activities, and not to remove the device except for bathing and sleep.’
    • ‘The speed and force pattern of the club head was measured by a miniature accelerometer attached to the club head.’
    • ‘More recently, physical activity has been objectively measured through the deployment of accelerometers that are calibrated to monitor activity levels by the minute.’
    • ‘Other devices include oxygen sensors to check exhaust gases, accelerometers to detect any sudden sharp braking, and a range of pressure and temperature monitors.’
    • ‘A small sensor, the accelerometer, placed nearby then detects the sound waves and analyses their acoustic signature.’
    • ‘An accelerometer was placed on one arm to measure gross body movements.’
    • ‘In a passenger car, a linear accelerometer located near the front axle measures higher lateral acceleration than in the center or rear side.’
    • ‘One unit malfunctioned due to failure of one of the three internal accelerometers during a measurement period at home, and the subject was retested with another device.’
    • ‘For example, sensors called accelerometers - which are used to cue airbags to deploy - can detect changes in speed and direction.’
    • ‘To detect hard braking or cornering, the system uses an accelerometer that detects high g-forces on the vehicle.’