Meaning of acceptant in English:


Pronunciation /əkˈsɛpt(ə)nt/

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rare acceptant of
  • Willingly accepting (something).

    ‘They tire people out, wear them down, make them acceptant of shoddy workmanship or service. I'm impressed at the same time as I'm angry.’
    • ‘Leftist psychologists are obsessed with the fact that conservatives are more acceptant of the power and authority arrangements in our present society than they are.’
    • ‘Friday morning, first day of the test I still vex but I was acceptant of my fate.’
    • ‘Antislavery sentiment would not necessarily have prevented someone from owning or hiring slaves, but would have made it less likely than if the individual had been completely acceptant of slavery.’
    open-minded, ready to consider new ideas, willing to consider new ideas, open to new ideas, open to suggestions, open, responsive, amenable, sympathetic, well disposed, interested, attuned, flexible, willing, favourable, approachable, accessible, friendly, welcoming


Late 16th century from French, ‘accepting’, present participle of accepter.