Meaning of accepted in English:


Pronunciation /əkˈsɛptɪd/

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  • Generally believed or recognized to be valid or correct.

    ‘he wasn't handsome in the accepted sense’
    • ‘the accepted consensus within the church’
    • ‘Liddell & Scott's Greek Lexicon is a universally accepted standard among scholars.’
    • ‘The health of all Americans could benefit from the use of de-identified data to meet widely accepted public health objectives.’
    • ‘Cohabitation was still frowned upon, illegitimate births a stigma and the nuclear family the accepted way of doing things.’
    • ‘Graber is now questioning other universally accepted truths.’
    • ‘Typically, any article about the model contains hypocritical comments about her not being the accepted standard of beauty.’
    • ‘Dexter contradicted all the accepted norms of TV drama.’
    • ‘There was a time when "gaol" was the accepted spelling in Australia.’
    • ‘In the US, the widely accepted rule is that if your front (porch) light is on, you're welcome to trick-or-treaters at your door, and you'll have candy.’
    • ‘The McKinsey study also confirms the widely accepted belief that price is important, and only when electric cars get closer to the price of comparable gasoline cars will there be a true mass market for them.’
    • ‘Mediation and negotiation are the commonly accepted ways to settle disputes.’
    • ‘It's a commonly accepted practice that government contracts should go to the lowest bidder.’
    • ‘Many listeners are, rightly, suspicious of free jazz as a refuge for those who simply cannnot "play" in the accepted sense.’
    • ‘Technically, the title of this collection includes something of a misnomer since none of the works on the disc is a quintet in the accepted sense of the word.’