Meaning of access charge in English:

access charge


(also access fee)
  • A charge made for the use of computer or local telephone-network facilities.

    ‘Although data are extremely difficult to come by, a Digex source cites $30,000 per site per month as the access fee charged by Sprint.’
    • ‘It charges 0.05 RMB per minute for the Internet access fee and 0.02 RMB per minute for the phone line fee.’
    • ‘A company spokesperson said the access fee Eircom will be allowed to charge will ‘in no way, reflect the cost to Eircom of providing the infrastructure associated with unbundling’.’
    • ‘Typically, their membership would pay a monthly access fee that would provide services like email, chat, message boards, file download areas, and most importantly a way to communicate with other people with similar interests.’
    • ‘Those who are employed as CyberAgent CSRs have an initial cost of around $2,500 or less if they already have a computer and pay a monthly access fee to Willow.’
    • ‘Half of Ford's employees had signed up in time; they won't have to give back the computers, but must pay the access fee.’
    • ‘The consumer pays an access charge for the phone and is also charged each time the phone is used.’
    • ‘A monthly subscription costs about £11, with an access fee of 6p a minute.’
    • ‘The investment will then be returned by the Internet café users though an access fee.’
    • ‘It not only reduced my Internet access charge, it prevented me from becoming a real e-mail addict.’
    • ‘Everyone would be charged a fixed monthly access fee - say £8.’
    • ‘What does it bring to the subscriber, apart from the monthly saving of Rs.110 that they otherwise would have to pay as access charge for the facilities?’
    • ‘Anyone else who finds themselves on campus with a Wi-Fi enabled notebook can also use the T-Mobile hotspots but only if they cough up the appropriate access fee.’
    • ‘Contract negotiations are likely to be a continuing sticking point, Kennebeck says, especially when it comes to nailing down the Internet access fee splits.’
    • ‘Thus, a service provider previously generating a flat monthly access fee can offer value-added services and generate multiple revenue streams.’
    • ‘How does this compare to the simplicity of a typical $20 per month flat-rate Internet telephone access fee paid by US consumers?’
    • ‘The payphone division, which operates 3,000 standalone payphones benefited from a new payphone access charge that places a levy on operators of freephone 1800 services and generates a fresh source of revenue.’
    • ‘In a widely expected move, AOL Time Warner's flagship online service said it was raising its standard monthly Internet access fee by $1.95, to $23.90, starting in July.’
    • ‘This would come in the form of lost international direct dialling revenues, wholesale telecom charges like termination charges, local access charges and universal service obligations.’
    • ‘AT & T, sensing a threat, tried to crush the fledgling service by tripling the access fees it charged MCI to let customers connect to Execunet.’