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access provider

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another term for service provider
‘MailWasher, available at, works for users whose Internet access provider is also their e-mail host.’
  • ‘Grouping under AAM, he said, were Lippo products like cable television provider Kabelvision, Internet access provider Linknet and shopping serviceprovider Lippo-shop.’
  • ‘They consider themselves an internet access provider; there are no ISPs in Costa Rica.’
  • ‘The services I need to connect to the Internet fall into two categories: telco services and IP access provider.’
  • ‘Consumers were also fairly split on what they would choose for their Internet access provider; 42% said they'd prefer the telephone company, and 41% said they'd prefer the cable company.’
  • ‘When Time Warner is officially merged with AOL in the coming year, the new entity will also control the largest Internet access provider in the country, with about 26 million subscribers.’
  • ‘Typically, a DNS server is within close geographic range of your access provider; this DNS server maps the domain names in DNS requests or forwards them to other servers on the Internet.’
  • ‘Cometa will be a wholesale-only wireless internet access provider, serving carriers, ISPs and enterprises.’
  • ‘Such a service management approach cannot be implemented at only the service provider level; it must be orchestrated by the access provider in collaboration with metro, backbone and service providers.’
  • ‘Voice over broadband will be hitting critical mass very soon: Vonage has proven that customers don't need a network access provider for phone service.’
  • ‘The recently merged media giant, whose vast holdings include HBO and the world's largest Internet access provider, America Online, also has a rich benefits package and workplace protections for its gay and lesbian employees.’
  • ‘The announcement comes a day after fellow mobile Internet access provider Broadreach said it will be offering to put Wi-Fi on British rolling stock, courtesy of a tie-in with Canadian railway Wi-Fi specialist PointShot.’
  • ‘Public Internet access provider Broadreach Networks will later this month roll out a series of branded Wi-Fi deals with a number of leading ISPs and mobile phone operators, the company has revealed.’
  • ‘In March, UK public Internet access provider Broadreach began offering Skype calls via its network of 350 ReadyToSurf hotspot locations.’
  • ‘UK wired and wireless Internet access provider Broadreach has extended its roster of roaming agreements, the company said today.’
  • ‘The largest wireless Internet access provider in Austria, Metronet also claims to be the fourth largest in the world.’
  • ‘Further, he says, Massillon found that between 75% and 80% of people who hit the system's home page either typed in a URL or clicked through a bookmark - a negation of the need for a portal connected to broadband access provider.’
  • ‘As an equal access provider, INS sells wholesale services to 147 rural carriers serving 330 communities throughout Iowa.’
  • ‘But Excite@Home isn't the only Internet access provider north of the border to have technical problems.’
  • ‘Clearly the future of the company is as an access provider.’