Meaning of accessibly in English:



See accessible

‘While Rand was hardly the first philosopher to advocate an ethos of individualism, reason, and self-interest, no one formulated it as accessibly or persuasively as she did - or as passionately.’
  • ‘Yet the real strength of this book lies not in any new theoretical formulations Cousins develops, but rather in his abundant knowledge of world cinema, and in his ability to share it accessibly in a clear, reader-friendly way.’
  • ‘The newly launched Discovery Series will shed some light, accessibly presenting performing arts from various players in the community.’
  • ‘The bottom line remains: there's no one else really doing this sort of thing so accessibly, and just as few who could make it sound this beautiful.’
  • ‘Short Books' excellent series of biographies has shown that accessibly delivered narratives can attract an enthusiastic readership.’
  • ‘This is a pity, because, for all its conceptual ambition, it has the great virtue of being simply and accessibly written.’
  • ‘But never before has it been said so accessibly or entertainingly.’
  • ‘The extensive notes by player and writer Loren Schoenberg are, as ever, accessibly erudite.’
  • ‘Add it all up: a passionate following, companies eager to sign him on as a consultant, some accessibly packaged books, and a knack for addressing a room full of businesspeople with the intimacy of a dinner-party chat.’
  • ‘With an accessibly ambient electronic score by Takashi Kako, and luxurious white satin robes alternating with dark distressed gowns, Sankai Juku's mysticism was, however, more Lord of the Rings than a Japanese Heart of Darkness.’
  • ‘The book, in fact, is highly readable, being both accessibly written and lacking the normal scholarly apparatus, except for a condensed but well chosen English-language bibliography at the end.’
  • ‘Historians are urged to write more accessibly on larger, more significant subjects, yet the growing recourse to in-house, desk-top, or electronic publication allows the advice to be disregarded.’
  • ‘Where she traversed historical or theological ground that I know firsthand, I was delighted over and over again by how accessibly and yet accurately she explained things.’
  • ‘The time frames in which opportunities to provide policy advice occurs are usually brief, with short lead times that require ideas be delivered accessibly to time-poor senior officials.’
  • ‘When PowerPoint replaced traditional slides and overhead transparencies in the 1990s, it enabled many of us to provide information more accessibly within a clear narrative outline.’
  • ‘Today, I continue to write accessibly written film criticism, in a manner that I hope moves my readers to respond more perceptively and deeply to the world that a film creates.’
  • ‘Since the early 80s he's led his own quintet, recording several superb albums for ECM of accessibly melodic yet muscular jazz, and winning possibly every jazz award known to man.’
  • ‘Phelps prices the drawings accessibly, from $25 to $1,600, according to how much they mean to her.’
  • ‘But while his poetry can be overly abstruse, his literary criticism is accessibly sophisticated, if not uniformly engaging.’
  • ‘Volume One is a must have - beautiful to look at and an accessibly informative read, piquing our interest for what hidden gems Volume Two has to offer.’