Meaning of acclaimed in English:


Pronunciation /əˈkleɪmd/

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  • Publicly praised; celebrated.

    ‘the band released their critically acclaimed debut in 1994’
    • ‘an acclaimed artist’
    • ‘The film is adapted from the acclaimed novel.’
    • ‘His wife, for instance, wrote a critically acclaimed TV drama chronicling the reign of King Farouq.’
    • ‘He gave him a copy of an acclaimed anthology of Eastern Nigerian market literature he had edited in 2001.’
    • ‘Long ago, an acclaimed musician passed away at the mature age of thirty-five.’
    • ‘Her absorbing, internationally acclaimed debut explores the modern German psyche through the experiences of three ordinary people.’
    • ‘Many critically acclaimed photographers teach to earn a living.’
    • ‘Apparently creating critically acclaimed music entails more than what we see in the final product.’
    • ‘The face-off was an ideal opportunity for enthusiasts to soak in the craft of these two acclaimed exponents.’
    • ‘Featuring some of the heaviest of the underground heavy hitters, this compilation easily stacks up to the acclaimed Volume 1.’
    • ‘There have been three other television versions of Richard II, all sourced from acclaimed stage productions.’
    • ‘In the field of communications, he is the author of eight critically acclaimed books that have been translated into twenty languages.’
    • ‘He is now one of the most acclaimed actors of his generation.’
    • ‘At this time it was highly acclaimed for its originality.’
    • ‘Despite the timing of the sale, the reality is that such internationally acclaimed estates take a long time to find new owners.’
    • ‘It was issued to compete with acclaimed extended recordings by the leading big bands of the era.’
    • ‘He died in 1953, not fully acclaimed.’
    • ‘William Gibson, the American playwright who has died aged 94, was acclaimed for two of the best-known theatrical hits of the post-war English-speaking stage.’
    • ‘Apart from the writings of Erasmus and Luther only two books of the sixteenth century can be acclaimed as bestsellers.’
    • ‘The relationship lasted almost ten years, until the pair worked together in an acclaimed production of Hamlet.’
    • ‘The possibility for innovation and the revival of an acclaimed artistic powerhouse is going to be highly attractive.’