Meaning of acclivitous in English:



See acclivity

‘Driving to the same direction and following the acclivitous and tortuous roads, you reach the small village of Tsada, which is under development.’
  • ‘Stairway to the stars: Mechanical engineering student Alex Frakking caught this acclivitous view of the future Accelerator Centre building on the north campus the other night.’
  • ‘We cross over the crest ‘Laimos’ and thereafter, we overtake with great caution an acclivitous cliff to get to an immense balcony at ‘Skourta’ location, 2.475m.’
  • ‘It was gregarious, and chiefly abounded on the acclivitous glades of the woods.’
  • ‘His seat, Methven Castle, on a bold acclivitous rising-ground, 1 ¼ mile E of Methven village, is a stately baronial pile of 1680, with extensive modern additions.’
  • ‘Deb and Lenny, Klaus und Inge, Marcel et Martine, all easing their t-shirted blubber in climate-controlled shopping, seemed to have jettisoned all thoughts of trekking the acclivitous hillside up the Via Tiberio to the Villa Jovis, high on the island's easternmost point.’