Meaning of accommodatingly in English:


Pronunciation /əˈkɒmədeɪtɪŋli/

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‘Sometimes I'd ride my bike to the feedlot and sing to the cows, who would gather accommodatingly on their side of the cable pen fences, listening to my renditions of ‘Delta Dawn, ‘‘Devil Woman, ‘or ‘North to Alaska.’’
  • ‘Fortunately, celebrities are proving to be accommodatingly exhibitionist.’
  • ‘Courage,’ he, however, accommodatingly threw out, ‘is what YOU have.’’
  • ‘And Pentecostals, flattered by a little unaccustomed acceptance, may accommodatingly give up their vision.’
  • ‘The visor of each blast helmet in the pod darkened accommodatingly within three milliseconds to avoid temporary blindness, but each member of the strike team squinted reflexively.’
  • ‘‘Of course, mother,’ Serena said accommodatingly, all the while wishing that she could answer as she really felt.’
  • ‘We see someone pull them from a rack and stuff them into the bag, which stretches accommodatingly around its large, unwieldy and somewhat odd cargo.’
  • ‘She offered herself to life and was accommodatingly mauled.’
  • ‘Nonetheless the kitchen accommodatingly substituted another dish.’
  • ‘So fiendishly busy; so incoherently cramped; though sporting accommodatingly ample open space.’
  • ‘The former White House aide moved accommodatingly to a different subject.’