Meaning of accomplishable in English:


Pronunciation /əˈkʌmplɪʃəbl/


  • Able to be achieved or completed successfully.

    ‘this guide simplifies a seemingly mammoth task into accomplishable baby steps’
    • ‘we will have to negotiate and see what is accomplishable’
    • ‘Honestly, we made the target because we managed, for once, to keep our ambitions closer to something realistically accomplishable.’
    • ‘The company hasn't confirmed the timetable, but speaking before the story broke, the firm's head said, "A holiday release is accomplishable."’
    • ‘Admittedly, this study reaches the limits of experimental accuracy accomplishable in structural work.’
    • ‘If selected yoga poses and breathing exercises accomplishable in 15 minutes daily can increase vital capacity, such a program could be a viable intervention for persons with compromised pulmonary reserve.’
    • ‘Between these two or three exercises, a flatter stomach is accomplishable in no time, as long as you're performing them on a daily basis.’
    • ‘Instead of writing "Plan Birthday Party" on your list, you should break down your item into smaller, more accomplishable goals, like "call the caterer and order appetizers" and "pick up balloons from florist."’
    • ‘I was informed that only one of those tasks was accomplishable.’
    • ‘I'm keeping a list for each day - plenty of accomplishable chores for this weekend on the list already.’
    • ‘There are certain steps that make life changes such an easy and accomplishable task.’
    • ‘The defining characteristic of high achievement in every endeavor is not setting high goals but goals that are high enough to be worthwhile achieving but low enough to be accomplishable.’