Meaning of account rendered in English:

account rendered

nounplural noun accounts rendered

  • A bill which has been sent but is not yet paid.

    ‘There is no basis to reduce the accounts rendered by D. L. Services and the subcontractors.’
    • ‘National has an account rendered to pay for nuclear policy and defence advice.’
    • ‘We have instructions to proceed with an assessment of your accounts rendered in respect of the above-noted matter.’
    • ‘The total account rendered to the Applicant was for $8,250 in fees and $699.41 in disbursements and $626.46 for GST.’
    • ‘ON a municipal account rendered at the end of August, I became aware that I have lost six kilolitres of free water consumption a month.’
    • ‘Cockburn seeks production of copies of accounts rendered to Dear-Born by its former solicitors;’
    • ‘I note that counsel for the defendants had objected to answer, in the cross-examination of a defendant, who it was that paid the approximately $54, 000.00 of legal account rendered to the defendants in this action thus far.’