Meaning of accountably in English:



See accountable

‘He finished third to See More Business in ‘99, second to Looks Like Trouble the following year and ran accountably badly when down the field behind Best Mate two years ago.’
  • ‘We diligently dedicate ourselves every single day to ensuring these things don't occur but when they do, we have to act responsibly and accountably and that's exactly what we will do.’
  • ‘The only way that can be done is if people help bring them publicly and accountably before the courts.’
  • ‘Time these governments learn that their task is to govern properly, transparently and accountably, without sticking their noses in where they quite obviously don't belong.’
  • ‘But they should be made consciously and accountably with an awareness of the ethical implications for inclusion and exclusion.’
  • ‘There will in 2004 be a further conference on how to make the EU's structures work better and more accountably.’
  • ‘As all of us know, each of these leaders takes the oath to SERVE the nation accountably.’
  • ‘As with the MCA, states that govern responsibly and accountably should be tangibly rewarded, but governments that are corrupt and abusive should not be bailed out of their larceny with continued international largesse.’
  • ‘Maybe editors were uncomfortable choosing these items more explicitly, and therefore more accountably, without the cloak of ‘news judgment.’’
  • ‘I expect that all organisations that receive public money, especially public institutions, act ethically, responsibly, and accountably in their use of public money.’
  • ‘We want to rebuild Aceh speedily, but also effectively and accountably.’
  • ‘In the end the game was won by a team that played the most accountably.’