Meaning of accoutre in English:


(US accouter)

Pronunciation /əˈkuːtə/

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verbaccoutres, accoutring, accoutred; US accouters, accoutering, accoutered

[with object]
  • Clothe or equip in something noticeable or impressive.

    ‘magnificently accoutred, he was led up to the high altar’
    • ‘The men are fully accoutred in authentic late 17th century military dress, with hand weapons, Regimental Colours, drummers and a living history camp outfit.’
    • ‘The drawing rooms are splendidly accoutred, the 19 bedrooms individually designed and lavishly furnished and its restaurant is, simply, second to none.’
    • ‘He, Grey, O'Hara, Harris and O'Hara's work friends (who had there and then agreed to join the Party) were in Unsuri's lavishly accoutred inner-city apartment.’
    • ‘By accoutering herself in what others find extravagant and fantastical, Cavendish simultaneously veils and displays a multi-faceted identity to the collective gaze of the public.’
    • ‘Scott's romances serve what we might call the Burkean end of making the nation lovely: they do not challenge the national institutions but rather accouter them in the generic clothing of romance.’
    • ‘About 50 children accoutred in vibrant colours gave an impressive performance at the staging of the drama Shakuntala and Dushyant.’
    • ‘In air-conditioned splendour the exquisitely accoutred Eastern and Oriental Express pulled out of Singapore's main station bound for Kuala Lumpur and Bangkok.’
    • ‘Although not very spacious and sprawling, the park is carefully - though a little crudely - accoutred to the taste of children.’
    • ‘Thus accoutred, it is all right to parade naked of ideas or principle.’
    • ‘Matching up to the standards of their little ones, they were also pleasingly accoutred.’
    • ‘They are arranged as two- and three-bedroom ochre-walled cottages, each coolly tiled, comfortably accoutered and elegantly secluded, each with a private balcony or terrace overlooking the rugged Tyrennhian coastline.’
    • ‘He, thus accoutered, is led from door to door by two attendants who likewise assist in holding up his arms by grasping the staves.’
    • ‘The six ads highlight versions of Action Man outfitted for the Arctic, the jungle and accoutred with a blowpipe, a bow and arrow, a Silver Spear vehicle and a skateboard.’
    • ‘Entrées like potato-crusted, spice-rubbed redfish, accoutred with lump crabmeat and sweet tomato marmalade, although tasty, can seem overwrought.’
    equip, fit out, fit up, rig out, supply, issue, furnish with, provide, provision, stock, arm


Mid 16th century from French accoutrer, from Old French acoustrer, from a- (from Latin ad ‘to, at’) + cousture ‘sewing’.