Meaning of acculturative in English:


Pronunciation /əˈkʌltʃərətɪv/


See acculturate

‘As Scheder found among mobile Mexican laborers, acculturative stress may also have played a role in Pima weight gain and increased incidence of hypertension, two factors in diabetes.’
  • ‘It was found that adolescents' level of acculturation and acculturative stress did not appear to have a significant influence on their problem behaviors.’
  • ‘In contrast, ethnic identity conflict, stemming either from acculturative stress or from adolescents' perception of racial discrimination, has a negative effect on adolescents' psychological and behavioral adjustment.’
  • ‘Indeed, previous studies have shown the negative relationship between acculturative stress and self-esteem among Hispanic youth.’
  • ‘Our interpretation of the Mississippian emergence is acculturative in nature rather than adaptive (Pauketat, this issue), and it deemphasizes the importance of technology and trade as causal factors.’
  • ‘It appears that other stressors such as alienation, racial discrimination, and challenging life events that are not associated with acculturative stress might have a negative impact.’
  • ‘Immigration and acculturative stresses also may have a combined effect, placing them at greater risk for psychological distress (Harris, in press).’
  • ‘Some of these studies have focused on acculturative stress and affect, and are therefore potentially relevant to the direct link between acculturation and occupational satisfaction, in our model.’
  • ‘In a study of high school students enrolled in a California bilingual program, acculturative stress was significantly associated with both depression and suicidal ideation.’
  • ‘Several studies have found that first-generation Asian Americans experience significantly more acculturative stress than second or later generations.’
  • ‘The second limitation was that measures of acculturative stress, such as parent-child intergenerational conflict, were not available in our study.’