Meaning of accumulative in English:


Pronunciation /əˈkjuːmjʊlətɪv/

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  • Gathering or growing by gradual increases.

    ‘the accumulative effects of pollution’
    • ‘Is there an accumulative good effect or gradual nullification over time?’
    • ‘None of the unruly activities in themselves would be regarded as seriously criminal, but their accumulative effect is having a real impact on the usage of the community building, and may even threaten its future survival.’
    • ‘And what they're responding to is the accumulative effect.’
    • ‘He pointed out that the 10m deficit was the accumulative effect of expenditure exceeding income on important projects over the past few years.’
    • ‘The Port River has been the repository of industrial waste for over a hundred years and the accumulative effect on local flora and fauna has been disastrous.’
    • ‘However, she died due to the accumulative effect of anorexia on her body.’
    • ‘The declining trend of reproduction is likely attributable to accumulative effects on those and other prey populations over consecutive years of below-average rainfall.’
    • ‘Not emphasized, however, was the mottled, hardening effect of any fluorides on teeth or the possible accumulative long-term effect of such additions.’
    • ‘His renal system, in addition to being weakened from the accumulative effect of many infections, also suffered from his overuse of alcohol.’
    • ‘Pollutants are everywhere and their effects are accumulative.’
    • ‘The effects will take place very slowly but have an accumulative lasting effect.’
    • ‘Pseudoscience is ‘fixed’ or ‘closed’ rather than accumulative and progressive; its statements are not changed to agree with new evidence.’
    • ‘He says by creating drugs to replicate the effect, it will take longer for the accumulative damage caused by free radicals to occur.’
    • ‘My only concern is to make sure that we present the accumulative or aggregate system properly to the people at the track.’
    • ‘A Portarlington car-dealer, who put Irish number plates on a car he had imported from the UK for retail, was fined an accumulative sum of £1,600 at the local district court on Tuesday, December 5.’
    • ‘I was reading the Guinness Book of Records one day and thought I could set a new accumulative bench press record, but it's unbelievably hard.’
    • ‘The little village is at the heart of the all-conquering green and gold wearers, and with the accumulative passion and strength of all the scattered little townlands and parishes, the power of the Kingdom is a cut above all the rest.’
    • ‘He said: ‘The number keeps going up because the list is accumulative - new names are added while the old ones remain.’’
    • ‘The biggest involved cannabis resin with a street value of almost €250,000 and the accumulative value of the drugs in all five raids now substantially tops €300,000.’
    • ‘A Carlow man was fined an accumulative sum of £150 for failing to have a tachograph on his lorry and having no tax displayed on his vehicle.’