Meaning of accurse in English:


Pronunciation /əˈkəːs/


[with object]archaic
  • Put a curse on; curse.

    ‘we accurse them by the authority of the court of Rome’
    • ‘The cause why the pope so did accurse and depose him was, that the said Otho did take and occupy cities, towns, and castles, which the pope said appertained to him.’
    • ‘All those that with you have communed before this time, from this time forward we accurse them openly.’
    • ‘The powerful Russian Church accursed him as the Anti-Christ, and the whole nation, led by the nobility and the church, believed it.’
    • ‘He forever excommunicates and accurses every one who should dare violate that great charter of Anglo-Saxon freedom!’
    • ‘The Lord strips her of this robe of honour, accursing her with this penalty.’
    put a curse on, put the evil eye on, execrate, imprecate, hoodoo


Middle English from a- (expressing intensity) + curse.