Meaning of acentric in English:


Pronunciation /eɪˈsɛntrɪk/


  • 1Without a centre; not centralized.

    1. 1.1Genetics (of a chromosome) having no centromere.
      ‘However, not all acentric chromosomes and dicentric chromosomes/centric rings were converted to MNi and NPB respectively, depending on the dose of radiation.’
      • ‘This classification method uses anti-kinetochore antibody staining to identify the presence of kinetochore protein associated with the centromeres of chromosomes or its absence from acentric chromosome fragments.’
      • ‘Also excluded are exchanges that would generate dicentric or acentric chromosomes, such as exchanges that may occur between rDNA subunits lying in opposite orientation.’
      • ‘Further, the products of crossovers between inverted repeats may lead to dicentric and acentric chromosomes that often cannot be transmitted to the next generation.’
      • ‘In metaphase, chromatid fragments are attached to the homologous area of the sister chromatid while acentric chromosome fragments are apart from their chromosome of origin.’
      • ‘Six structurally acentric chromosomes were generated from the irradiation of Dp 238, supporting the findings of a previous study.’
      • ‘The analysis of structural aberrations included chromatid and chromosome breaks, appearance of acentric fragments, dicentric chromosomes and chromatid exchanges (tetraradius forms).’
      • ‘Micronuclei may originate from an acentric chromosome fragment or whole chromosomes lost from the metaphase plate and provide therefore a measure of both chromosome breakage and chromosome loss.’
      • ‘Giant cell, fourth mitotic division showing replicated mirror image dicentric chromosomes and acentric fragments (arrows).’
      • ‘This paper describes an analysis of the frequency of dicentric chromosomes and acentric fragments in 1260 subjects occupationally exposed to X-rays and 241 controls.’
      • ‘A dicentric chromosome plus an acentric fragment were scored as one single aberration.’
      • ‘Micronuclei are acentric chromosome fragments or whole chromosomes that are left behind during mitotic cellular division and appear in the cytoplasm of interphasic cells as small additional nuclei.’
      • ‘Micronuclei may originate from acentric chromosome fragments or whole chromosomes lagging behind during cell division.’
      • ‘They are formed by acentric chromosome fragments or whole chromosomes which are not incorporated into daughter nuclei during cell division.’
      • ‘Ectopic crossing over causes chromosomal abnormalities, including deletions, translocations, and acentric and dicentric chromosomes.’
      • ‘Micronuclei can arise from acentric chromosome fragments or whole chromosomes that have not been incorporated in the main nuclei at cell division.’
      • ‘The first numeral refers to the chromosome providing the centromere-carrying segment, the second to the chromosome supplying the acentric segment.’
      • ‘These data further support the idea that the observed micronuclei result from preferential exclusion of acentric DNA fragments.’
      • ‘Dicentrics, rings, acentric fragments and asymmetrical translocations were recorded separately.’
      • ‘Other aberrations, such as minutes, acentric rings, dicentrics and exchanges, were rarely seen.’